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We specialize in  Athens Private Tours with friendly and experience English speaking drivers.  All our vehicles are with complete climate control and superbly comfortable seating.

As a private bus driver in Athens  I have especially enjoyed showing of my country to the many tourists who come here. Meeting new people and visiting interesting places is something that I simply love. I speak very good English  as I have been and work in New York city for a number of years and me and my team we are at your services.


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Ancient Delphi (9 hours tour)

From Piraeus to Ancient Delphi

Located 170 kilometers northeast of Athens on the enchanting slopes of Mount Parnassus, Delphi in the ancient world was considered the center of the world. Legend says that Zeus released two eagles, each going the opposite direction, meeting at the spot where ancient Delphi is located.

Delphi's archaeological site is filled with temples and structures, the most important temple being the Sanctuary of Apollo. It was constructed to honor Apollo for establishing the oracle of Delphi.

The landscape surrounding Delphi is one of the most breathtaking in Greece. Since, the location of Delphi is on the slope of a mountain one can enjoy the view of the whole valley below all the way to the Gulf of Corinth. The modern village of Delphi is a quiet place with traditional buildings, churches, coffee shops, and fabulous taverns.

Delphi is one of Greece's most significant historical place and is renowned for its archaeological sites. It is a must visit place for the connoisseurs of art and culture.

In fact, no trip to Greece is ever complete without a visit to Delphi. The importance of Delphi is such that it is an integral part of the modern traveler's itinerary.

Delphi is famous for the Oracle. In Greek Mythology the earth bestowed her hare to Themis and Apollo in turn obtained Themis's share as a reward, but he is believed to have presented Poseidon the Poros island as a substitute for this oracle.
Archaeologists have clinching evidence that Delphi was in fact colonized from the Neolithic period. They are unanimous in their opinion that towards the latter stages of the Mycenaean period Delphi evolved a key religious and political hub.

Even as the purpose of the oracle during prehistoric times is somewhat vague, largely due to the lack of records, the significance of Delphi during ancient times is rightfully acknowledged by numerous distinguished ancient writers, which are amply supported by an abundance of archeological relics found in Delphi’s archaeological sites.

In ancient times, Delphi was regarded by the ancient inhabitants of Greece as the center of planet earth to be more precise – “the naval of the universe”. In the local parlance, Delphi was the “Omphalos” which literally means “Naval”.

In those days, the oracle of Delphi was a sacred place much venerated by the ancient inhabitants and was well recognized particularly for its accurate forecast of the future.

The visitors were first purified from their sins in the Castalian Spring and then they were going to the oracle to ask for advice.

The oracles were bestowed by Pythia, the priestess who is most famous for her strange sounding sounds while in a state of trance.

The meaning of her uttering's were later interpreted in a manner that were understandable to those pilgrims who visited Delphi in search of solace.

From the average man on the street to the mighty emperors, everyone sought advise from Delphi’s Oracle if the matter was of great importance.

Matters varied from the routine every-day family disagreements, to the more important proposition of waging war against enemy states or to expand one’s territorial horizons.

The Oracle of Delphi cut across boundaries, and throughout its existence it offered neutral opinions without any bias or favor, whosoever the subject might be.

However, the oracles of Pythia were infamous for their ambiguous verdicts and was completely opposite of the Oracle of Delphi.

During the Mycenaean period from 1600 and 1100 BC, Delphi was the place where the ritual worship of the deity of Mother Earth was conducted.

The deity was popularly referred to as “Ge” in the local dialect. Her influence knew no bounds and by the 8th century BC the oracle of Delphi attained worldwide recognition for accurately forecasting the future of mankind.

During the prehistoric times the inhabitants solely depended on the words of Pythia, and a never ending list of ambassadors and messengers would congregate to the sanctuary with donations and offerings in the hope of receiving a favorable verdict from Pythia.

The end result of all these emissaries who visited the sanctuary was that it was packed with costly and precious commodities.

The more prosperous and wealthy states began to build their own treasuries for the safe keeping of the wealth. One can still find the treasuries of the Athenians as well as the one built by the Syphnians, both of which are rather well preserved even today. They are renowned for their exquisite adornments and embellishment.

After we finish this wonderful and very interesting private tour we will return to back your ship in Piraeus or to your hotel

Please note: In most of the tours in Greece, sport type shoes are recommended.


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Athens to Ancient Delphi 9 hours tour - Licenses Tour Guide is not included the prices below

Minibus or Mercedes Taxi (1 - 4 people)

600 Euro

Minibus (4 - 14 people)

740 Euro

Bus  for (15 - 21 people)

900 Euro

Bus for (22 - 51 people)

950 Euro

(Entrance fee for Acropolis and the museums not included in above tour prices)

Entrance Fees  - Children 17 and under are free

Acropolis Entrance Fee

12 Euro per adult

Ancient Corinth Entrance Fee

6 Euro per adult


We can  accommodate: Everybody! For private tours and transfers in  Athens We can accommodate from 1 person to groups! We have at your disposal taxi, mini-vans, buses and a crew of well trained drivers and guides that are locals and share the same love as mine for this unforgettable island! Everybody is welcome and I will personally make sure that this tour will be a tour you will never forget!

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