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Who we are:
We specialize in  Athens Private Tours with friendly and experience English speaking drivers.  All our vehicles are with complete climate control and superbly comfortable seating.

As a private bus driver in Athens  I have especially enjoyed showing of my country to the many tourists who come here. Meeting new people and visiting interesting places is something that I simply love. I speak very good English  as I have been and work in New York city for a number of years and me and my team we are at your services.


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Psolias in Athens
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Half day tour of Athens

Private four hours tour from Piraeus to Athens

Your tour starts from the Port of Piraeus ( the port of Athens) where your ship docks. Suggesting time  to start your private tour in Athens is 9 am to avoid the morning traffic.

 While driving from Piraeus to Athens, you will have a taste of the modern city and the way of life. Your first stop is the Acropolis. The entrance to the Acropolis was a monumental gateway called the Propylaea. To the south of the entrance is the tiny Temple of Athena Nike. A bronze statue of Athena, sculpted by Phidias, originally stood at its centre. At the centre of the Acropolis is the Parthenon or Temple of Athena Parthenon (Athena the Virgin). East of the entrance and north of the Parthenon is the temple known as the Erectheum. South of the platform that forms the top of the Acropolis there are also the remains of an outdoor theatre called Theatre of Dionysus. A few hundred meters away, there is the now partially reconstructed Theatre of Herodias Atticus.

Most of the valuable ancient artifacts are situated in the Acropolis Museum, which resides on the south-east corner of the same rock. An operation to move them for the 400 meters distance to the New Acropolis Museum started on Sunday, 14 October 2007, and continued for six weeks.

After finishing your visit to these unique sites, your driving tour to the rest of Athens begins, on which you will see the Syntagma, Euzonous that are the traditional dressed Presidential best soldiers that are not allowed to speak or move until their swift is over. You will also get to see the Greek Parliament and the Olympic Stadium and then we will return you to your cruise ship.

After we finish this wonderful and very interesting private tour we will return back to your ship in Piraeus or to your hotel.

Please note: This is not wheelchair accessible. Acropolis has many steps to walk up, and it will not be very comfortable if you have walking problem.

Prices for Half day tour of Athens

All of our drivers are speaks English and they know the Greek history very well.

Four Hours tour in Athens - Licenses Tour Guide is not included the prices below

Minibus or Mercedes Taxi (1 - 4 people)

250 Euro

Minibus (4 - 14 people)

450 Euro

Bus  for (15 - 21 people)

575 Euro

Bus for (22 - 51 people)

625 Euro

(Entrance fee for Acropolis and the museums not included in above tour prices)

Entrance Fees  - Children 17 and under are free

Acropolis Entrance Fee

12 Euro per adult

Archaeological Museum Entrance Fee

7 Euro per adult  


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