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Tour Info
– Starting your tour from Piraeus port
1- We drive to Corinth Canal
2- Stop at the Corinth Canal for photos and drinks
3- After we drive to  Ancient Corinth
4- Visit Ancient Corinth
5- Lunch in a Greek traditional tavern
6- Drive to back to Athens
7- Visit the Acropolis, 
Changing of The guards, The Temple of Zeus
8- Scenic drive in Athens City. Back to the ship or Hotel.


 Our first stop it will be at Corinth Canal, the first prefecture you come to in the Peloponnese, the first sign of warmth and excitement, It is a beautiful drive, you will feel the aromas of the sea, the mountains for about 1hour and 30 minutes. The concept of cutting a canal through the Isthmus of Corinth to link the Ionian and Aegean seas was first proposed by the Emperor Nero in 67 A .D. During that year, several thousands of workers dug away at the Isthmus for more than three months. The vestiges of the work carried out at that time indicate that the designers of the project had chosen the narrowest point of the Isthmus for the purpose, following the same line as the modern canal. The digging began either side of the canal, and the workers were supposed to meet eventually in the middle. Nero’s death put an end to the project. Work was only resumed again in 1881 and completed in 1893. The canal is about 6 km long; its width upon completion was 25 meters, and 8 meters deep.

After we explore our selves in the canal we will take a 30 minutes drive the once rich and powerful city of Ancient Corinth. 
The ruins of ancient Corinth are spread out at the foot of the huge rock of Acrocorinth. The monuments are mainly Roman; only a few are Greek. You can trace the Long Walls which began at the summit of Acrocorinth and descended all the way to Lechaion (Leheo), the artificial harbour on the Corinthian Gulf. Lechaion was the start of Lechaion road which led to the ancient agora. This was paved with flagstones and lined with sidewalks, arcades and shops. The area of the marketplace was filled with imposing buildings, temples and business emporia. The Doric temple of Apollo (6th c. BC with 1st c. AD restorations) stands on a knoll to the north of the agora; it is the most important monument of that period. To the northwest of the agora lie the ruins of the 4th century BC theatre – which underwent some changes in the Roman Odeon. The museum is in the southwest sector of the site. It contains mosaic floors, Mycenaean and Corinthian pottery, terra cotta sphinxes, statues of two supernatural beings, relief plaques, the Roman head of the Goddess Tyche and small objects of various kinds. On the north side of the building one can see the remains of the fountain of Glauke hewn out of the rock. Glauke, daughter of king Creon, was the reason why Jason deserted Medea. In revenge Medea sent her as a wedding gift a poisoned mantle which envelopped the girl in flames the moment she put it on. In order to save herself she leapt into the fountain which since then has borne her name.

After finishing your visit to these unique sites, we will stop on a Greek traditional tavern for lunch and then we will drive back to Athens city for the rest of Athens tour, on which you will see of the famous Acropolis, which was build ”during the golden age of Pericles” and it means the high city, the Parhenon,The Temple of the Olympian Zeus, The Kalimarmaro, The tomb of the Unknown Soldier, The Lycabettus Hill: Syntagma Square, the Olympic stadium  Which is the original stadium built in the 1800s for the first modern Olympic games in 1896.

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Corinth and Athens Private tour Prices:

Athens Corinth and the Canal – 8 Hours tour – Licenses Tour Guide is not included the prices below
Minibus or Mercedes Taxi (1 – 4 people)450 Euro
Minibus (4 – 14 people)725 Euro
Bus  for (15 – 21 people)800 Euro
Bus for (22 – 51 people)950 Euro
Entrance Fees
Acropolis Adult12 Euro per person
Corinth Adult6 Euro per person
Child (under 17 with passport)FREE

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