Mycenae - Epidaurus

Athens Port to Corinth Canal, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Nafplion :


wFrom Piraeus, Athens Port to Corinth Canal, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Nafplion :

Full day tour 8  – 10 hour tour: If you come to Athens with a cruise ship, we will meat you at the port of Piraeus and we will start the tour from there immediately. First we drive south west to reach the Corinth canal, which connects the Aegean Sea with the Ionian Sea. Stop at the Corinth Canal for photos and drinks. Next stop is MYCENAE.

We continue to EPIDAURUS to visit the THEATRE (4th century B.C.). The view, aesthetics and acoustics of the theatre are breathtaking and can only be understood when one sits in the ancient paved seats. After we will be directed to the monument of Asklipiou which is worth visiting.

Thereafter we visit NAFPLION, a city full of history, charm, local foods, old churches, historical squares and neoclassical buildings. The city and the castle of Akronauplia are found on the hill which leads to the sea. Here we stop for lunch n a traditional tavern.

Next stop is MYCENAE. Above the new city of Mycenaes you will see the ruins of the ancient city. The citadel at the top of the mountain and is surrounded by tall mountains which fortify the region. The view is exquisite. You will visit the Royal Palace and the grave of Agamemnona.

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Licenses Tour Guide is not included the prices below

Athens Corinth and the Canal Mycenae, EpidaurusNafplion

Minibus or Mercedes Taxi (1 – 4 people)450 Euro
Minibus (4 – 14 people)725 Euro
Bus  for (15 – 21 people)800 Euro
Bus for (22 – 51 people)950 Euro
Entrance Fees
*Entrance fee in Mycenae Archaeological site is8 Euro per person
**Entrance fee in Epidaurus Archaeological site is6 Euro per person
***Entrance fee in Olympia Archaeological site is € 9 per person9 Euro per person
Child (under 17 with passport)FREE

If you wish to have a licenses tour guide for the day, the cost is 200 euros extra!


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